Are Burberry Trench Coats Waterproof? Discover the Truth!

Burberry trench coats are designed to be water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. These iconic coats are made from a tightly woven cotton gabardine fabric that offers a high level of water repellency.

However, prolonged exposure to heavy rain or soaking conditions may cause water to seep through. Burberry trench coats have long been recognized for their timeless style and enduring quality. The brand’s signature piece was originally created for British military officers in the early 20th century and has since become a fashion staple.

While the coat’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, many potential buyers may wonder about its functionality in wet weather. Burberry trench coats are constructed from specially treated cotton gabardine, a tightly woven fabric that offers a degree of water resistance. This means that light rain or drizzle will bead up and roll off the surface of the coat, keeping you dry during brief showers. The fabric’s natural breathability also allows for moisture to evaporate, preventing you from feeling damp or clammy. However, it’s important to note that Burberry trench coats are not completely waterproof. Extended exposure to heavy rain or soaking conditions may cause water to gradually seep through the fabric. To maintain the coat’s water repellency, it’s recommended to periodically reapply a water-resistant treatment. Despite its limitations in extreme weather, a Burberry trench coat remains a stylish and practical investment for milder rainy days, offering a blend of sophistication and functionality. Its iconic design and enduring craftsmanship make it an essential wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for various occasions.

Trench Coat: A Classic Fashion Staple

Burberry trench coats are known for their timeless style, but are they also waterproof? Thankfully, yes! These classic fashion staples not only exude elegance but also offer protection against rain and wet weather, making them a practical and stylish choice for any wardrobe.

The trench coat is a timeless garment that has become a staple in any fashion-conscious individual’s wardrobe. Its versatility, functionality, and undeniable sense of style make it a must-have for both men and women. When it comes to trench coats, one brand that stands out is Burberry.

Renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and iconic design, the Burberry trench coat has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts for decades. But before diving into the enduring appeal of the Burberry trench coat, let’s take a closer look at the evolution of this iconic piece of outerwear.

Evolution Of The Trench Coat

Over the years, the trench coat has evolved from being a practical garment worn by British soldiers to a fashion statement embraced by people from all walks of life. Here are some key points that showcase the evolution of the trench coat:

  • First designed for use in World War I: The trench coat originated as a functional military garment, designed to protect soldiers from harsh weather conditions in the trenches. Its waterproof fabric and double-breasted design made it a practical choice for soldiers on the battlefield.
  • Transition to civilian fashion: After the war, the trench coat made its way into civilian fashion. Its sleek design, with features like a belted waist and epaulettes, quickly caught the attention of style-conscious individuals.
  • Hollywood glamour: The trench coat gained even more popularity through its association with Hollywood. Icons like Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart donned Burberry trench coats on the silver screen, adding a touch of sophistication to the garment.
  • Modern adaptations: Today, the trench coat has undergone several adaptations to suit different styles and preferences. While the classic double-breasted design remains popular, variations like cropped lengths and colorful fabrics have added a contemporary twist to this timeless piece.

The Enduring Appeal Of The Burberry Trench Coat

Burberry has emerged as a leading name when it comes to trench coats, and for good reason. The Burberry trench coat boasts several attributes that contribute to its enduring appeal:

  • Iconic design: The Burberry trench coat is instantly recognizable with its signature details, such as the check lining, buffalo horn buttons, and the iconic Burberry plaid trim. These distinctive features make it a statement piece that exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Superior quality and craftsmanship: Burberry is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each Burberry trench coat is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Weatherproof functionality: The Burberry trench coat is made from weatherproof gabardine, a tightly woven fabric that provides protection against rain and wind. The water-resistant properties make it ideal for both practicality and style.
  • Timeless style: The Burberry trench coat transcends trends, making it a timeless investment piece. Its classic silhouette and versatile nature allow it to be worn season after season, effortlessly elevating any outfit.

The Burberry trench coat has stood the test of time due to its rich history, iconic design, and unmatched quality. Whether you’re braving the elements or simply aiming to make a fashion statement, the Burberry trench coat is a wardrobe essential that will never go out of style.

Are Burberry Trench Coats Waterproof?

Burberry trench coats are known for their timeless style and craftsmanship, but they are not inherently waterproof. However, Burberry does offer some trench coat styles that are specially treated to be water-resistant, providing protection against light rain and drizzle. It’s important to check the specific product details before purchasing to ensure it meets your waterproofing needs.

Understanding The Key Features Of A Waterproof Coat:

  • A waterproof coat is designed to repel water and keep the wearer dry in wet conditions.
  • It is typically made from water-resistant materials such as rubberized fabrics or those coated with a waterproof substance.
  • The key features of a waterproof coat include taped seams, a waterproof zipper, and a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.
  • Taped seams prevent water from seeping through the tiny holes created during garment construction.
  • A waterproof zipper ensures that water cannot penetrate through the fastening mechanism.
  • A DWR finish makes the fabric water-resistant by causing water to bead up and roll off the surface.

The Reputation Of Burberry Trench Coats For Being Water-Resistant:

  • Burberry is renowned for its classic trench coats, which are known for their timeless style and functionality.
  • These trench coats have a long-standing reputation for being water-resistant.
  • The brand has been producing trench coats since the early 1900s and has continually refined the design and materials to provide protection against the elements.
  • Burberry trench coats are made from waterproof gabardine fabric, which was invented by the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry.
  • The tightly woven fabric and the application of a DWR finish contribute to the water-resistance of Burberry trench coats.

Testing The Waterproof Claim: Debunking Myths And Confirming Facts:

  • Myth: Burberry trench coats are not truly waterproof; they are only water-resistant.
  • Fact: While technically the term “waterproof” refers to complete impermeability, in practical terms, Burberry trench coats are considered highly water-resistant.
  • They are designed to withstand moderate to heavy rain without water penetrating the fabric, keeping the wearer dry.
  • However, prolonged exposure to heavy rain or submerging the coat in water may eventually result in some moisture seeping through.
  • Myth: Burberry trench coats require frequent reapplication of a DWR finish to maintain their water-resistance.
  • Fact: The DWR finish applied to Burberry trench coats during production is long-lasting and does not require frequent reapplication.
  • However, over time, the DWR finish may wear off, reducing the water-repellency of the fabric.
  • To restore the water-repellent properties, the coat can be treated with a proprietary fabric waterproofing spray.
  • Myth: Burberry trench coats are not suitable for heavy rain.
  • Fact: While Burberry trench coats provide excellent water-resistance, their design is more focused on style and versatility.
  • For heavy rain or prolonged exposure to wet conditions, wearing additional waterproof layers or using an umbrella is recommended.
  • Nonetheless, Burberry trench coats offer reliable protection during lighter rain showers and typical day-to-day use.

The Construction Of Burberry Trench Coats

Burberry trench coats are renowned for their impeccable construction, but are they waterproof? Crafted with precision, Burberry trench coats feature a weather-resistant fabric and a protective coating, ensuring they can withstand rainy conditions while still looking stylish.

Burberry trench coats are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style. But are they truly waterproof? In this section, we delve into the construction of Burberry trench coats to understand the materials, design elements, and innovative techniques that contribute to their water resistance.

Unveiling The Materials Used In Burberry Trench Coats:

  • Gabardine fabric: Burberry trench coats are crafted from a superior-quality fabric called gabardine. This lightweight, tightly woven material boasts exceptional durability and breathability.
  • Cotton twill: The outer layer of Burberry trench coats is typically made from cotton twill, which provides a smooth and elegant appearance. The tight weave of this fabric gives it water-resistant properties, making it ideal for protecting you from unexpected showers.
  • Lining: The interior of a Burberry trench coat is lined with a luxurious, moisture-wicking material, which helps to keep you comfortable and dry even during extended wear.

Evaluating The Design Elements That Contribute To Water Resistance:

  • Double-breasted closure: Burberry trench coats feature a double-breasted closure with buttons, which creates a secure barrier against water penetration. This design element is not only fashionable but also functional.
  • Storm flaps: The incorporation of storm flaps at the front and back of the coat provides an additional layer of protection. These flaps prevent water from seeping through the buttonholes and onto your clothing, keeping you dry even in the harshest weather conditions.
  • Adjustable straps: Many Burberry trench coats come equipped with adjustable straps at the wrists and waist. These straps allow you to customize the fit of your coat, ensuring that no water can find its way inside.

Exploring The Innovative Techniques Employed In Burberry Trench Coat Manufacturing:

  • Taped seams: To enhance water resistance, Burberry applies a special adhesive tape to the coat’s seams during the manufacturing process. This technique prevents water from seeping through the tiny holes created during stitching.
  • Water-repellent treatment: Burberry trench coats undergo a unique water-repellent treatment before leaving the factory. This treatment ensures that water droplets bead up and roll off the surface of the coat, rather than being absorbed.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Each Burberry trench coat is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who pay close attention to detail. This dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every seam, stitch, and button is expertly executed to provide maximum water resistance.

The construction of Burberry trench coats combines high-quality materials, thoughtful design elements, and innovative techniques. From the tightly woven gabardine fabric to the water-repellent treatment, these coats are engineered to withstand wet weather conditions while exuding style and sophistication. So, the answer to whether Burberry trench coats are waterproof is a resounding yes.

The Fabric: A Barrier Against Moisture

Burberry Trench Coats provide a reliable barrier against moisture, ensuring you stay stylishly dry even in wet weather. With their high-quality fabric and expert craftsmanship, these iconic coats are designed to be water-resistant, making them a smart choice for any fashion-forward individual.

When it comes to Burberry trench coats, one question that frequently arises is whether they are truly waterproof. In this section, we will take a closer look at Burberry’s signature waterproof material and delve into the unique properties of gabardine that contribute to its remarkable water resistance.

A Closer Look At Burberry’S Signature Waterproof Material:

  • Gabardine: At the heart of Burberry trench coats is a fabric known as gabardine. This tightly woven fabric is not only lightweight and breathable but also highly water-repellent. Its unique construction and composition make it ideal for combating moisture.
  • Tight weave: Gabardine is carefully woven with a high thread count, resulting in a tight, dense fabric structure. This tight weave acts as a powerful barrier against water, preventing it from permeating the fabric and reaching the wearer’s skin.
  • Water-repellent treatment: Before the gabardine fabric is crafted into trench coats, it undergoes a special water-repellent treatment. This treatment further reinforces the fabric’s ability to repel water and provides an extra layer of protection against moisture.
  • Quick-drying properties: In addition to its water resistance, gabardine also boasts quick-drying properties. When exposed to rain or other sources of moisture, the fabric efficiently wicks away water, allowing the coat to dry faster and reducing the chances of lingering dampness.

In essence, Burberry trench coats owe their waterproof nature to the remarkable properties of gabardine. The tight weave, water-repellent treatment, and quick-drying capabilities make this fabric ideal for withstanding rainy weather and keeping the wearer comfortable and dry.

So, if you’re wondering whether Burberry trench coats are truly waterproof, rest assured that the combination of gabardine’s unique features and the brand’s meticulous craftsmanship make them reliable allies in the battle against moisture.

Seams And Sealing: A Watertight Construction

Seams and sealing are crucial in creating a waterproof construction for Burberry trench coats. These coats are designed to keep you dry and stylish in all weather conditions.

Burberry Trench Coats have long been synonymous with sophistication, style, and durability. But are they truly waterproof? In this section, we will delve into the importance of sealed seams in waterproofing and examine Burberry’s meticulous attention to detail in seam sealing.

Understanding The Importance Of Sealed Seams In Waterproofing:

  • Sealed seams play a crucial role in ensuring the waterproof integrity of a trench coat.
  • When rainwater comes into contact with unsealed seams, it can penetrate the fabric, leading to dampness and discomfort.
  • Properly sealed seams act like a protective barrier, preventing water from entering and keeping you dry even in the harshest conditions.

Examining Burberry’S Meticulous Attention To Detail In Seam Sealing:

  • Burberry employs a rigorous construction process that prioritizes seam sealing to guarantee maximum water resistance.
  • Each trench coat undergoes a meticulous sealing process, ensuring that every seam is properly sealed to prevent water infiltration.
  • Burberry utilizes high-quality sealants and advanced techniques to create a watertight construction, leaving no room for compromise.
  • The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends to even the tiniest details, such as sealing every stitch and joint to maintain the integrity of the garment.

Burberry Trench Coats go beyond fashion and elegance by offering a truly waterproof experience. Their meticulous attention to detail in seam sealing ensures a watertight construction that keeps you dry and stylish, no matter the weather. So, whether you’re strolling through the rainy streets of London or braving a downpour in your hometown, trust Burberry to keep you comfortably dry with their waterproof trench coats.

Features And Finishing: Enhancing Waterproof Performance

Burberry Trench Coats enhance their waterproof performance with advanced features and finishing, ensuring protection against wet weather. Discover their impeccable craftsmanship and reliability in keeping you dry during rainy days.

The functionality and practicality of Burberry trench coats go beyond their stylish appearance. These iconic coats are renowned for their waterproof capabilities, offering protection from the elements in a range of weather conditions. In this section, we will explore the features and finishing touches that enhance the waterproof performance of Burberry trench coats.

The Role Of Adjustable Belts, Cuffs, And Collars In Water Protection:

  • Adjustable belts: Burberry trench coats are equipped with adjustable belts that allow for a customized fit. These belts not only accentuate the waist but also play a crucial role in enhancing the waterproofness of the coat. By cinching the belt, you can create a barrier that prevents rainwater from seeping into the coat, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Adjustable cuffs: The cuffs of Burberry trench coats can be easily adjusted, allowing you to adapt them to different weather conditions. When it’s raining, you can tighten the cuffs to form a snug seal around your wrists, preventing water from entering the sleeves of the coat. This thoughtful design detail ensures that even in heavy rain, you can stay protected and dry.
  • Adjustable collars: The collars of Burberry trench coats are not only stylish but also functional. These collars can be adjusted to different heights, providing additional protection against wind and rain. When facing harsh weather conditions, you can raise the collar and secure it in place, shielding your neck and face from the elements.

The adjustable belts, cuffs, and collars of Burberry trench coats play a vital role in enhancing their waterproof performance. These features allow for a personalized fit, creating barriers that prevent rainwater from seeping in, and providing additional protection against wind and rain.

Invest in a Burberry trench coat, and you’ll not only be making a fashion statement but also ensuring that you stay dry and protected in any weather condition.

Real-World Waterproof Performance

Discover the exceptional real-world waterproof performance of Burberry trench coats. With their timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship, these iconic coats are designed to keep you stylishly dry, making them a reliable choice in any weather.

Are Burberry trench coats really waterproof? Let’s dig into the practicality of these coats in various weather conditions and evaluate their performance based on customer reviews and testimonials.

Evaluating The Practicality Of Burberry Trench Coats In Various Weather Conditions:

  • Versatility:
  • Burberry trench coats are designed to withstand a range of weather conditions.
  • They provide reliable protection against rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Suitable for both mild drizzles and heavy downpours.
  • Water resistance:
  • The coats are crafted with a durable water-repellent finish.
  • This coating helps to keep you dry by repelling water droplets.
  • It prevents the fabric from becoming saturated and allows moisture to bead and roll off the surface.
  • Weatherproof features:
  • The double-breasted design with a storm flap ensures wind and rain do not penetrate through the front closure.
  • Adjustable cuffs and a detachable hood help to provide additional protection during windy and rainy weather.
  • Quality craftsmanship:
  • Burberry trench coats are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • The seams are carefully sealed to prevent water from seeping in.
  • The coats are designed to be breathable, allowing moisture to escape and keeping you comfortable even during extended wear.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials:
  • Numerous customers have praised the water resistance of Burberry trench coats.
  • Many have shared positive experiences of wearing these coats in various weather conditions.
  • Testimonials indicate that the coats effectively repel water and keep the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Overall performance:
  • Burberry trench coats have proven to be reliable and effective in real-world situations.
  • Wearers can confidently rely on the water resistance of these coats, without compromising on style and sophistication.
  • They offer a timeless and practical solution for staying dry in inclement weather.

Burberry trench coats provide both style and functionality, with their real-world waterproof performance backed by positive customer reviews and testimonials. Whether you find yourself navigating through a light drizzle or facing heavy rain, these coats are designed to keep you dry and protected.

Embrace the versatility and quality craftsmanship of Burberry trench coats for a dependable and fashionable outerwear option.

Maintaining Water Resistance: Care And Maintenance Tips

Discover how to maintain the water resistance of your Burberry trench coat with these helpful care and maintenance tips. Keep your coat looking stylish and protected against the elements.

Burberry trench coats are iconic fashion staples that not only exude timeless elegance but are also known for their water-resistant properties. If you’re wondering how to ensure that your Burberry trench coat maintains its water resistance, we’ve got you covered.

In this section, we will provide you with essential care and maintenance tips to help preserve the water resistance of your beloved trench coat.

Guidance On How To Preserve The Water Resistance Of Your Burberry Trench Coat:

  • Avoid machine washing your Burberry trench coat as it can compromise its water repellency. Instead, opt for dry cleaning as a safer alternative.
  • Inspect your coat regularly for any dirt or stains, and address them promptly to prevent the accumulation of substances that may affect water resistance.
  • Store your trench coat in a cool, dry place to avoid mildew or moisture damage. Hanging it on a sturdy hanger will help maintain its shape and prevent any creasing.
  • Avoid exposing your Burberry trench coat to extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, as these may affect its water resistance over time.
  • If your coat gets wet, gently shake off any excess water and allow it to air dry naturally. Avoid using direct heat sources, such as radiators or hairdryers, as this can damage the fabric and its water-resistant properties.

Cleaning Methods That Won’T Compromise The Coat’S Water Repellency:

  • Spot cleaning: For small stains or isolated spots, use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap or detergent, and gently blot the affected area. Rinse with clean water and allow it to air dry.
  • Lining cleaning: If the lining of your trench coat requires cleaning, opt for a gentle hand wash using a mild detergent. Follow the care instructions provided by Burberry for best results.
  • Re-treatment: Over time, the water repellency of your coat may diminish. To restore its performance, consider treating it with a waterproofing spray specifically designed for your trench coat. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can extend the water resistance of your Burberry trench coat, ensuring that it remains both stylish and reliable for years to come. Remember, a little extra attention and care can go a long way in preserving the timeless allure of your beloved trench coat.

Conclusion: The Truth About Burberry Trench Coats’ Waterproofness

Burberry trench coats have a reputation for being waterproof. With their durable materials and expert craftsmanship, these iconic coats provide reliable protection against the elements.

Summarizing The Key Findings On Burberry Trench Coat’S Waterproof Claim

  • Burberry trench coats are renowned for their iconic style and timeless appeal. One of the key questions that often comes up when discussing these coveted garments is their waterproofness. After extensive research and analysis, we can confidently say that Burberry trench coats offer exceptional water resistance, making them suitable for wet weather conditions. Here are the key findings that support this claim:

Performance In Wet Weather Situations

  • Superior craftsmanship: Burberry trench coats are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. This craftsmanship ensures that the coats are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain and light showers.
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment: Burberry trench coats are treated with a durable water repellent finish during the manufacturing process. This treatment forms a protective barrier on the fabric, allowing water to bead up and roll off rather than being absorbed.
  • Seam sealing: Another important feature of Burberry trench coats is their seam sealing. This process involves sealing the seams on the coat to prevent water from seeping through the stitching, enhancing the overall waterproofness of the garment.
  • Waterproof fabric: Burberry trench coats are made from specially woven fabrics that are designed to repel water. While they are not completely waterproof in the sense of being able to withstand heavy downpours for extended periods of time, they provide excellent protection against light to moderate rain.

Value Of Burberry Trench Coats In Wet Weather

  • Versatility: The waterproof nature of Burberry trench coats makes them versatile outerwear options that can easily be worn in both wet and dry weather. Their ability to repel water means you can confidently venture out in light rain without the need for an additional raincoat.
  • Breathability: Despite their waterproofness, Burberry trench coats are designed to allow for breathability. This means that while they keep you protected from the rain, they also allow moisture and sweat to escape, preventing you from feeling damp or clammy.
  • Style and elegance: Beyond their functional benefits, Burberry trench coats are renowned for their classic and elegant design. They are versatile enough to be worn for various occasions, making them a fashionable investment that transcends seasonal trends.

Burberry trench coats demonstrate exceptional water resistance through superior craftsmanship, DWR treatment, seam sealing, and the use of waterproof fabrics. They provide excellent value in wet weather situations by offering versatility, breathability, and timeless style. Whether you’re strolling through a drizzle or attending a formal event, a Burberry trench coat will keep you dry and stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions For Are Burberry Trench Coats Waterproof

Is Burberry Trench Water-Resistant?

Yes, the Burberry trench coat is water-resistant.

Can You Wear A Burberry Trench Coat In The Rain?

Yes, you can wear a Burberry trench coat in the rain as it is designed to be water-resistant.

How Waterproof Are Burberry Trench Coats?

Burberry trench coats are highly waterproof, ensuring protection from rain and other wet conditions.

Are Trench Coats Actually Waterproof?

Yes, trench coats are generally waterproof due to their design and use of water-repellent materials.

Are Burberry Trench Coats Waterproof?

Yes, Burberry Trench Coats are designed to be waterproof, thanks to their weather-resistant fabric and meticulous craftsmanship.


Based on our investigation, Burberry Trench Coats are indeed waterproof. The brand’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship ensures that each coat is made with exceptional attention to detail and high-quality materials. Burberry has a longstanding reputation for creating outerwear that offers protection against the elements, and their trench coats are no exception.

Made from weather-resistant fabrics and featuring meticulous construction, Burberry Trench Coats are designed to keep you dry, even in the harshest conditions. Whether you’re braving a rainy day in the city or exploring the great outdoors, you can trust that a Burberry Trench Coat will provide unmatched waterproofing.

So, if you’re in search of a stylish and functional coat, a Burberry Trench Coat is a great investment. With its timeless design and reliable waterproofing, it’s a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style.

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