How to Wear a Beret With Curly Hair: Chic Looks Unveiled

To wear a beret with curly hair, tilt the beret to one side and let your curls flow freely. Place the beret on your head without squashing your hair’s volume.

Berets and curly hair can be fashion soulmates with the right approach. This timeless French hat adds a touch of elegance and an air of sophistication to any outfit. Curly-haired individuals might worry about hat hair or frizz, but there’s no need to compromise on style or the health of your curls.

The key is to position the beret in a way that showcases your hair’s natural texture. With a variety of beret styles available, from classic wool to soft knit, anyone with curly locks can find the perfect match. This accessory accommodates diverse curl patterns with ease, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice your hair’s integrity for a chic look.

Introduction To The Beret: A Timeless Fashion Accessory

The beret holds a rich place in fashion history, commonly associated with artists and intellectuals. This hat has been an emblem of sophistication and a declaration of style, seamlessly blending with various fashion periods. Originating from the Basque country, the beret has been donned by military personnel and cultural icons, influencing its prominence in the fashion industry.

Its versatility makes it an excellent accessory for those with curly hair, providing a chic, effortless look that can be dressed up or down. The soft structure of a beret accommodates curls without compressing them, which is why it’s a favored choice for those aiming to maintain their hair’s natural volume and shape.

Choosing The Right Beret For Curly Hair

Finding the perfect beret to accentuate curly hair requires attention to material and texture. A soft wool or cotton beret provides enough flexibility to accommodate voluminous curls without compressing them. Alternatively, knitted or crocheted berets offer a cozy fit while showcasing the hair’s natural texture.

Embrace color theory by selecting hues that contrast with your hair for a vibrant look. Rich, solid colors like burgundy or navy create an elegant backdrop for lighter curls, whereas playful patterns can bring out the dimension and depth of darker ringlets.

Curl Type Beret Size Fit Recommendation
Loose Waves Medium Snug Fit
Tight Curls Large Loose Fit
Kinky Coils Extra Large Roomy Fit

Size and fit are crucial for a comfortable beret experience. Smaller berets may not properly cover thick, kinky hair, whereas larger ones can slip off looser wave patterns. Always try on the beret to ensure a perfect fit that accommodates your unique curl type without altering its shape.

Styling Techniques For Curly Hair With A Beret

Curly hair requires special treatment before fitting it under a beret. Begin with a moisturizing routine to define curls and reduce frizz. Use a curl-defining product or mousse for enhanced texture and hold. This preparation ensures your curls stay luscious and springy beneath your stylish headwear.

Explore various beret positions such as wearing the beret slightly tilted or resting farther back on the head to accommodate your curls without flattening them. Allow a few ringlets to frame your face for a charming look. Loose hair styling underneath the beret not only prevents squashing your curls but also adds to the effortless chic vibe.

  • Use hairpins to anchor the beret without disrupting your curl pattern.
  • Opt for invisible hair grips that match your hair color for a seamless look.
  • A light spritz of hairspray can provide additional hold, keeping the beret secure all day.

Chic Beret Outfits For Curly-haired Fashionistas

Curly-haired fashionistas rejoice as the beret offers endless versatility for casual daytime ensembles. Pairing a soft wool beret with loose, bouncy curls creates a laid-back yet stylish look. A beret tilted to one side allows your curls to playfully frame your face, while a neutral-colored beret teamed with denim and a crisp white tee gives off effortless Parisian vibes.

Transform your evening attire by adding a touch of sophistication with a beret. A beret worn slightly back on the head gives space for your curls to cascade down while complementing a chic, off-shoulder dress. Choose darker hues like black or deep red for an instant elevation of your nighttime ensemble, making sure your curls remain the star of the show.

For professional settings, a beret can be a compelling accessory. Opt for structured materials and more subdued tones. Tucking hair into the beret can showcase a sleek profile, while still maintaining an aura of approachability. Style with tailored blazers and trousers to strike a balance between fashion-forward and office-appropriate.

Maintaining Your Beret And Curly Hair

Maintaining both your beret and curly hair in top condition necessitates a diligent approach. It’s essential to commit to regular cleaning of the beret to prevent buildup of hair products and dust. Ideally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, often favoring gentle hand-washing with appropriate detergents. After washing, reshape the beret and lay it flat to dry, away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. As for storage, ensure your beret is kept in a cool, dry place, avoiding harsh folds that may create creases causing it to lose its form.

For your curls, it’s pivotal to maintain a consistent haircare routine. Nourishing shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for curly hair can help maintain moisture levels and prevent frizz. Regular use of a deep conditioning treatment can also reinforce the hair’s natural resilience. For daily wear, consider a silk or satin-lined beret to reduce friction and protect your curls.

It is crucial to sidestep the all-too-common errors that accompany wearing a beret with naturally curly hair. Tightly pulling your beret over your hair can lead to pattern disruptions and excessive frizz. Instead, gently place the beret on your head to embrace and accommodate your unique curl pattern without flattening or changing its natural shape. This will not only preserve your hairstyle but also ensure comfort and elegance throughout the day.

Conclusion: Embracing Individuality With Berets And Curly Hair

Embracing individuality becomes a delightful endeavor with the timeless beret, especially for those with curly hair. This chic accessory offers endless possibilities to express personal style, making it a standout choice for any wardrobe. The key to a flawless beret look lies in the experimentation with various positioning, like tilting it to the side or letting it sit back to accommodate the curls. Celebrating the unique silhouette each curly hair type presents, berets can be positioned to enhance your natural volume and texture.

It’s all about finding that perfect angle and fit that complements your features and showcases your individuality. Whether you prefer a bold, artsy vibe or a subtle, understated elegance, a beret can be your go-to accessory. So, give yourself the freedom to try different styles and let your curly locks dictate the rhythm. With every beret you don, you’re not just accessorizing but also declaring your personal style narrative.


Embrace the charm of berets with curls, blending style with simplicity. Opt for slouchy fits and secure grips to showcase your texture. Sometimes, less is more – a mantra perfect for pairing berets with curly hair. Let your curls be the star, your fashion sense, the perfect supporting act.

Ready to turn heads? Don your beret with confidence and step out in style.

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