About Me

Fellow needle nerds, quilt queens, and fashion fixers, I’m excited to join you! As a long time dabbler I have spent decades tasting types of thread related hobbies.  When I came across this website I thought a sewing team is exactly what I need to level up my skills! 

I’m Katie Isaacson, wife to a website genius / entrepreneur, homemaker in a 50 year old house, big sister to 7 brothers and sisters, and mother of 7 crazy kiddos. Running this chaos on a budget requires creative thinking and repurposing, which is how my childhood interest led me here. 

I’m a firm believer in the village. It takes one to raise a kid, but more than that, it takes a tribe to keep a mom sane, make a house a home, and make the world beautiful. In today’s world, that village is what we make it, and we get tribes of all varieties. 

I’m here to gather the elders’ wisdom and share the creativity of the next generation, and hopefully pick up a few new tricks along the way!